Man in Camo Tries to Sneak on San Diego Flight to Houston

Man has been identified as Scot Jordan Fenton, 22, of Las Vegas

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Harbor Police have identified the man that sneaked onto a plane at Lindbergh Field as Scot Jordan Fenton, 22, of Las Vegas. NBC 7’s Liberty Zabala has reaction from the airport. (Published Monday, Aug. 25, 2014)

A man dressed in camouflage tried to sneak on a flight Sunday after spending the night in a secure area at San Diego International Airport, officials said.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is investigating how the man arrived to Lindbergh Field from Atlanta on Saturday and then slept overnight at Terminal 2.

A flight attendant noticed the man on a jet bridge at Gate 46 around 6 a.m. Sunday. He was said to be wearing an airline safety vest at the time.

Officials say the man then ran through the terminal and tried to board a United Airlines flight to Houston at Gate 38 using a dated boarding pass.

Man Tries to Sneak on SD Flight to Houston

[DGO] Man Tries to Sneak on SD Flight to Houston
NBC 7's Elena Gomez reports on the detainment of a man who officials said slept in a secure area of the San Diego International Airport and then tried to board a plane with an expired boarding pass for a different flight. (Published Monday, Aug. 25, 2014)

The plane never left the gate, officials told KPRC-TV, the NBC affiliate in Houston.

San Diego Harbor Police took the man into custody for questioning about an hour after he was first spotted.

He has been identified as Scot Jordan Fenton, 22, of Las Vegas. He faces misdemeanor charges of entering an airport operations area without authorization and providing false identification to police.

Officers did a full search of ramps and the planes from Gate 46 where he started and Gate 38. Each area was deemed cleared and safe for operations.

The man held a boarding pass for a Delta flight that arrived into San Diego from Atlanta on Saturday at 7 p.m.

The San Diego Airport Authority says "safety and security of travelers through San Diego International Airport is our top priority. The Airport Authority will work with Harbor Police and TSA to investigate how the incident occurred."