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Local Tech Company Helps ID Shoplifters

Booster bags are containers that allow thieves to exit stores and avoid having stolen items detected



    Booster bags usually involve foil to try and thwart security cameras.

    Indyme Solutions, a San Diego designer and maker of emergency response systems for the retail industry, said its technology was integrated with Alert Systems detection systems to detect when a “booster bag” enters stores.

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    Booster bags are generally foil-lined containers that allow thieves to exit stores and avoid having stolen items detected by antennas placed at store doors. Alert’s MetalGuard can detect the bags that are increasingly used by organized crime rings. It uses Indyme’s Smart Response messaging gateway to instantly notify store personnel via existing two-way radios, wireless phones and smart devices, the company said.

    In addition to the booster bags, the system can also detect concealed magnetic devices used to remove tags from apparel and other items, the companies said.

    “This integration provides a practical and powerful loss prevention tool,” said Joe Budano, Indyme’s CEO. “Through awareness of incidents in the making, retailers are better equipped to proactively reduce shrinking before it has the opportunity to happen.”

    More than 25,000 Smart Response systems have been installed since Indyme’s launch in 1987.

    Alert Systems, based in Denmark, was founded in 1999 with an installed base of more than 100,000 antennas in more than 30,000 stores worldwide, the company said. 

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