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Gumby Costume in Police Custody

Costume of infamous "Gumby Robber" confiscated




    A rather deflated-looking Gumby costume slouched over a chair in the San Diego Police Department office Tuesday.

    Police are holding onto the costume of the man who attempted to rob a 7/11 last week wearing it. They confiscated the costume when Jacob Kiss, 19, turned himself in.

    Kiss, otherwise known as the infamous "Gumby Robber," fessed up Tuesday after robbery unit detectives identified him and his accomplice, according to San Diego Police Department Officer Gary Hassen.

    SDPD interviewed Kiss and his accomplice, Jason Giramma, and released them until charges are filed.

    Gumby Robbers Turn Themselves In

    [DGO] Gumby Robbers Turn Themselves In
    They tried to rob a 7-Eleven, one guy was dressed as Gumby and now they have turned themselves in.
    (Published Wednesday, Sept. 14, 2011)

    The District Attorney's Office is handling the case. It is unclear at this time whether charges will be filed against the two.