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Bed-Sharing Babies at Risk for SIDS

Researchers from Rady Children's Hospital say bed-sharing with baby could result in SIDS



    Parents who share their beds with their babies could be putting their little ones at risk for SIDS, according to the San Diego "SIDS Research Project" out of Rady Children's Hospital.

    Babies who sleep with their parents in their beds are at major risk for sudden infant death syndrome, or SIDS, according to the San Diego “SIDS Research Project” at Rady Children’s Hospital,

    Doctors said babies at risk for SIDS could be exposed to accidental smothering by an adult when bed-sharing with their parents. They could also get trapped between the mattress and headboard and suffocate on a soft waterbed mattress, according to the study.

    Researchers found SIDS cases have dropped dramatically since the ‘90s when the “Back-To-Sleep” campaign launched, which encouraged parents to put their babies to sleep on their backs rather than stomachs.

    About 2,500 babies nationwide die each year from SIDS.

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