Bicyclist Accused of Stabbing Cop to be Arraigned

Police say man injured two civilians and a police officer

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    Officer Kelly Doherty was allegedly slashed by a man in Normal Heights Saturday

    A man who police say stabbed two civilians and a SDPD officer is scheduled to be arraigned Thursday afternoon.

    Michael Anthony Gonzalez was riding his bike in City Heights Aug. 13 when Officer Kelly Doherty attempted to stop him for violating a motorist’s right-of-way, police said.

    Citizens Aid SDPD Officer During Struggle

    [DGO] Citizens Aid SDPD Officer During Struggle
    A citizen wanted to "try and save a life" when he and two other men assisted a San Diego police officer who was in a struggle while trying to arrest a 43-year-old suspect with a knife. (Published Sunday, Aug. 14, 2011)

    Reports claim he pulled a knife out on Doherty, slashing her across the face and also injuring two civilians who came to Doherty’s assistance.

    The arraignment is scheduled for 1:30 at the San Diego County Courthouse.

    Check back here for updated information on Gonzalez’s arraignment.