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Scoop: Will Abdul go ‘Dancing With the Stars’?



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    Even though a stint as a contestant on “Dancing With the Stars” is not Paula Abdul’s dream job, she would do it for the chance of a larger role at ABC.

    Even though a stint as a contestant on “Dancing With the Stars” is not Paula Abdul’s dream job, she would do it for the chance of a larger role at ABC.

    “She’s been wanting to make her mark on a network long term,” said a source close to Abdul. “She’s had reality shows and such, but she hasn’t had one place to develop the Paula brand. If ABC were to give her that chance, she’d probably do it, even if being on ‘Dancing With the Stars’ was the trade-off.”

    Why wouldn’t Abdul want to be on the show? “She’s one of the best choreographers and dancers that’s ever lived. It would be a little embarrassing if she didn’t win,” said the source.

    As for the possibility that Abdul will be on the show, “Dancing With the Stars” never confirms or denies potential contestants, but a source close to the show said that Abdul would be welcome.

    “The crop of contestants hasn’t exactly been A-list,” said the source. “She’s proven to be good television, she’d be great.”

    Lady Gaga doesn’t need iced cheese
    When it comes to weirdness, Lady Gaga provides an endless stream of fodder.

    So it’s completely conceivable that the Lady would have some odd backstage requests for her concerts.

    According to Life & Style, Gaga’s contract rider for her upcoming Irish concerts next month stipulates “non-smelly cheese on ice” and “a cleaner to completely bleach the backstage area before she arrives, a tarot card and a spiritualist.”

    It does seem to be a bit much, even in comparison to Van Halen’s infamous demands regarding no brown M&Ms, so we’re glad that Gaga’s rep has cleared this up: “This is totally not true … it’s a bogus rider,” he said.

    When wind blows, McDreamy thinks of his wife
    Patrick Dempsey is taking his McDreamy-ness to the big screen this February when he appears in “Valentine’s Day,” but don’t take his appearance in the film as a de facto endorsement for the holiday.

    “I’ve never really believed in Valentine’s Day. You’re anxious about buying the right gift, but it’s really about your heart, not a TV commercial for De Beers diamonds,” Dempsey told Readers Digest. “The best Valentine’s Days are magical and spontaneous and just sort of unfold.”


    Dempsey’s heart might be on the cold side when it comes to the Hallmark holiday, but he’s nothing if not romantic when it comes to the notion of marriage.

    “Once you go through the Romeo-Juliet phase of a relationship, you can become road weary,” he told the magazine. “The key is to find that childlike innocence and openness again. Little things — Jillian recently surprised me with wood chimes. Anytime the wind blows, it reminds me of her.”

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