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#musicmonday with U2



    U2 performs in front of thousands of people who showed up for a 30 minute free concert in Brooklyn on Nov. 22, 2004.

    MLK Day, observed on the third Monday of January, celebrates the birth of civil rights activist Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.

    Every year, when it falls, I immediately think of U2's "MLK," off  The Unforgettable Fire (my favorite record from the band).
    I had the great pleasure of seeing U2 perform this song at the San Diego Sports Arena in April 1987. A moving interpretation, it ended up in the U2 movie Rattle and Hum.


    On this rainy #musicmonday in San Diego, the lyrics carry extra significance.

    Sleep tonight/
    And may your dreams/
    Be realized/
    If the thundercloud/
    Passes rain/
    So let it rain/
    Rain down on he
    Mmm ... mmm ... mmm ... "