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Prop Zero Links: Thursday, July 29

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Prop Zero Links: Thursday, July 29

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California State workers authorize union to strike if needed.

Public Policy Institute Releases New Poll: It shows Jerry Brown with a slight lead over Meg Whitman and a tight U.S. Senate race. [Political Blotter] [Calbuzz]

Fallout Over Bell Scandal: City managers plan to meet Thursday in Sacramento as more residents seek salary information about their municipal leaders. [LA Times]

Farmworker Overtime Bill Vetoed:
The governor says it would overturn long-standing rules and burden California businesses. [Fresno Bee]

Winners and Losers: A look at why some departments are furlough-free. [Sacramento Bee]

What Your Phone Says About Your Politics: Researchers find some differences among iPhone and Blackberry users. [Capitol Weekly]

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