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Prop Zero Links: Thursday, July 1



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    SAN FRANCISCO - JULY 25: Staarla Heaney holds a small bowl of marijuana at the San Francisco Patients Cooperative, a medical cannabis cooperative, July 25, 2002 in San Francisco, California. A San Francisco city supervisor has drafted a proposal allowing voters in San Francisco to decide whether the city should consider getting into the marijuana growing business. Supervisor Mark Leno said he drafted the proposal because the Drug Enforcement Administration remains determined to close down clubs that distribute medical marijuana in San Francisco and other parts of California. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

    November's Wildcard: A look at how the marijuana initiative will affect November's election. [California's Capitol]

    InsultFest 2010: The GOP state chair and Dem party chief traded jabs at the Sacramento Press Club. [Calbuzz]

    Stop Us If You've Heard This One:
    Once again, California begins the fiscal year without a budget. [SF Gate]

    So How Do We Solve This Problem?:
    Jerry Brown says he would ultimately solve the state's budget woes by putting any proposed solutions on the ballot. [Sacramento Bee]

    Tables Turn on Nevada:
    For years, the state has benefited from California's loss. [Sacramento Bee]

    Win for Charter Advocates:
    The lobby defeat an effort to tighten financial and academic oversight. [Educated Guess]