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Google Gives Us ANOTHER Social Network



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    Google launches Google+ today.

    Now that you've gotten the hang of Facebook and Twitter, and pulled yourself away from MySpace and Plurk (Plurk? What?) it's about time to learn something new - Google+.

    Google+ is clearly designed to be Google's version of Facebook,  but we should all remember Google's attempt to take on Twitter, with the Buzz service. Kind of a flop.

    Google+ is full of "Circles" and "Sandbars" and "Huddles" and all sorts of features, reports Mashable:

    • Design: Aesthetically, it’s all Google — minimalist with plenty of white space. Nobody is going to complain about the design, but nobody is going to cheer about it, either.
    • Usability: Google+ isn’t overwhelmed by its many features. It’s easy to navigate and its icons speak for themselves. After a few minutes of exploring, I quickly got the hang of it. The usability aspect is definitely well thought out.

    More feature reviews at Mashable.

    The new social network is still in beta, so only a few have actually had a chance to look at it so far.

    TechCrunch and Mashable had a chance to check it out, and seem to like the service, but Twitter is a-buzz with moans and groans from others, and let's face it, if people don't like it, for whatever reason,  there's really no point, is there?