The Omni's Shortstop Baseball Package

Stay ballpark adjacent and get your apple pie on, too.

SPRING TRAINING: The baseball players of our nation are reporting to camps in sunny climes. Cleats are getting laced up and gloves are being oiled and Cracker Jax is being Cracker Jax'd (we're not really sure of this process but we're fairly convinced it involves magic and sparkles). The diamond-iest season of the year is on its way, meaning that hotels and resorts that share the same neck of the woods with a major stadium are likely to be firing up the deals just about now (mmm, firing up; that is involved in the Cracker Jax-making process, right?). The Omni San Diego, which is not only a neighbor to PETCO Park but has a bridge into the stadium has announced its Shortstop Baseball Package. The deal opens on May 5 and runs through Sept. 30, 2012.

BATTER UP: The two main features of the deal are the overnight accomos -- they're described as "luxurious" -- and two general Padres seats. Done and done. But there are extras, like breakfast for two, valet parking, and apple pie (a foodstuff which so often appears in the same sentence as the word "baseball"). We're sweet on the cute touch of the pie, but, let's be honest; any deal that involves the stowing of a car in a drama-free way when a big sporting event is in the vicinity wins our instant affections. And the starting price? You're looking at $269. So, players, keep on practicing -- you've got to get the winter rust out -- and we'll keep on dreaming of caramel popcorn snacks and grassy May days.

A TASTY UPDATE: We've just heard that the hotel is doing an update on its snackage: Chauo Chocolatier Potato Bars will be served rather than apple pie. And one more fun addition; a rep says that if a Padres player "hits a grand slam" during the game you're at, you'll get a sweet rate on a return visit to the Omni: $99 bucks per night. Even more of a reason to cheer on the team.

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