A Chilling Effect

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Even though San Diegans are hoping for nice, sunny weather for Labor Day, Mother Nature has different plans -- at least along the coast.

That fact was quite obvious to several beach-goers who started off their Labor Day weekend at the beach.

"There is no actual scorching heat,” said Alan Platte as he walked along Mission Beach on Sunday.

Low clouds and fog were expected to be widespread around the county early on Labor Day, the result of a deep trough of low pressure overhead. It will be a short thermometer at the coast, with lows of 60-61, only warm 5 degrees at the most.

In the East County, though, things will be perfect. Morning clouds and lows in the 50s are going to turn around and become sunny with highs in the 70s in the afternoon.

Further east, it will still be quite warm: Sunny and 80s in the mountains. Out in the deserts, we'll still be in the low 100s but should drop into the upper 90s by Wednesday.

Beach business owners weren't too happy about the cooler conditions on Sunday, many people at the coast didn’t seem to mind.

"I think it's right on the money," said Mike Short, after dipping into the ocean with his family. "Maybe just a little more sun. But, really, no complaints.”

Instead of sunny weather, there ware plenty of clouds and fog; a situation that persisted Monday morning at the coast and for miles inland.

"This is the coolest summer since 1933," said San Diego's Phil Gonsalves, who works for the National Weather Service. "It will get progressively cooler and cloudier at least through Thursday."

Most of the coast is about 10 degrees cooler than usual.

"It's really not typical for this time of year," insists Gonsalves. "We usually don't have much marine presence."

It will eventually start to heat up again, but in the meantime, there is a silver lining for those who are patiently waiting for warm weather.

"Your air-conditioning bills aren't going to be quite as high," Gonsalves said with a laugh.

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