• Italy Aug 7, 2021

    Italian Police Nab Woman Reputed to Be Naples Crime Boss

    Italian police have arrested a reputed top Naples crime boss as she was about to board a flight to Spain.

  • Italy Mar 7, 2021

    Italian Prosecutor Seeks Life for US Men Charged With Murder

    An Italian prosecutor has requested life in prison for two young American men charged with slaying an Italian police officer in central Rome

  • officer Nov 21, 2019

    Trial of Bay Area Teens for Rome Cop Slaying to Start in February

    The lawyer of one of the two American teenagers jailed in Rome over the slaying of a Carabinieri police officer says their trial has been fast-tracked and will begin early next year.

  • Italy Nov 16, 2019

    Young Venetians Volunteer After Flood of Their Lifetimes

    As soon as waters receded from this week’s devastating flood, about 50 young Venetians wearing rubber boots and gripped by a sense of determination showed up at the city’s Music Conservatory to help save precious manuscripts. Thanks to their work, some 50 linear meters of archival manuscripts, dating from as far back as the 1500s, lay strewn in the conservatory’s...

  • Delaware Nov 15, 2019

    Venice Floods Prompt Italy's State of Emergency

    Venice is experiencing continuous high tide levels this week, which is jeopardizing many of the city’s iconic treasures.

  • Massachusetts Oct 27, 2019

    After Bishops Call for Married Priests, Pope Urges New Ways

    On the heels of a bold call by Amazon region bishops for married men to become priests, Pope Francis is urging openness to new ways, and in a possible slap at conservative critics who fear he is weakening the Catholic church’s foundations, he cautions faithful against entering the “swampy waters of ideologies.” At Mass Sunday in St. Peter’s Basilica to...

  • Massachusetts Oct 26, 2019

    Pope's Amazon Synod Proposes Married Priests, Female Deacons

    Catholic bishops from across the Amazon called Saturday for the ordination of married men as priests to address the clergy shortage in the region, an historic proposal that would upend centuries of Roman Catholic tradition. The majority of 180 bishops from nine Amazonian countries also called for the Vatican to reopen a debate on ordaining women as deacons, saying “it...

  • United States Sep 7, 2019

    San Francisco Bay Area Teen's Lawyer in Italy Drops Bid for Release

    The lawyer for one of two American teenagers being held in the slaying of an Italian police officer said Saturday that he has dropped a request for his client to be released. Finnegan Lee Elder’s lawyer, Renato Borzone, said in a statement that the defense still needs more time to get a full picture of what happened. He added that...

  • California Aug 4, 2019

    Teen's Father to Make Statement After Visit to Rome Prison

    The family of one of the two California teenagers held in the Rome slaying of a police officer is looking “forward to the truth coming out and our son coming home,” an attorney for the family said Saturday.

  • officer Jul 30, 2019

    Italy: Bay Area Teen Held in Officer's Death ‘Illegally Blindfolded'

    An American teenager was illegally blindfolded before he was interrogated as a suspect in the slaying of a newlywed police officer in Rome, an Italian police commander said Sunday after the emergence of a photo showing the young tourist restrained with handcuffs and with his head bowed.

  • officer Jul 28, 2019

    2 US Teens Jailed in Italy in Policeman's Killing

    Two American teenagers who were classmates at a California high school spent a second night in a Rome jail Saturday after they were interrogated for hours about their alleged roles in the murder of an Italian policeman. Investigators contended in written statements Saturday that the pair had confessed to their roles in the grisly slaying. Vice Brigadier Mario Cerciello Rega,...

  • driver Jun 7, 2019

    Italy: Driver Abducts Schoolchildren, Sets Bus Ablaze

    A bus driver in northern Italy abducted 51 children and their chaperones Wednesday, threatening them over a 40-minute ordeal before setting the vehicle on fire when he was stopped by a Carabinieri blockade. Officers broke glass windows in the back of the bus and got all the passengers to safety without serious injury before the flames destroyed the vehicle, authorities...

  • officer Jan 8, 2019

    APT FIRE QNS TWITTER VO krystleodev – 01004214_WNBC_00000001581 copy

    An American teenager was illegally blindfolded before he was interrogated as a suspect in the slaying of a newlywed police officer in Rome, an Italian police commander said Sunday after the emergence of a photo showing the young tourist restrained with handcuffs and with his head bowed. Gabriel Christian Natale-Hjorth, 18, from the San Francisco Bay Area, was blindfolded “for…

  • Iraq Mar 30, 2018

    Pope Presides Over Good Friday Amid Hell Controversy

    Pope Francis presided over solemn Good Friday services amid heightened security at Rome’s Colosseum for the Via Crucis procession and a new communications controversy at home. Italian police, carabinieri and soldiers were on alert, with Holy Week coinciding with a spate of arrests of suspected Islamic extremists around Italy and warnings from law enforcement about the return of foreign fighters...

  • Italy Mar 19, 2018

    Italian Train Derails Near Milan, 2 Dead, Many Injured

    A commuter train derailed Thursday in northern Italy, killing at least two people, seriously injuring 10 and trapping others heading into the city of Milan at the start of the work day, carabinieri police said. The Trenord train derailed near the Pioltello Limito station on the outskirts of the city, halting train traffic into and out of Italy’s financial capital...

  • Amazon Jan 19, 2018

    Pope Helps Injured Officer Thrown From Horse

    Pope Francis stopped his motorcade to help an injured police officer during a procession in Chile. The police officer was thrown from her horse when the Popemobile passed it.

  • Germany Jan 9, 2018

    Italy, Germany Nab 160 Alleged Mobsters, Seize Assets

    Police in Italy and Germany seized 50 million euros ($60 million) in mafia assets Tuesday and arrested more than 160 people, accusing them of running a huge mob-controlled commercial and political empire involving everything from bread and wine sales to funeral services, migrant housing and garbage recycling. Prosecutors in southern Italy said the ‘ndrangheta’s Farao-Marincola clan had its hand in...

  • United States Sep 11, 2017

    Florence Prosecutors Await DNA Results in Rape Probe of Cops

    Italian prosecutors are awaiting DNA results in the probe of a pair of paramilitary policemen alleged to have raped two U.S. students in Florence after driving them home in their patrol car from a disco. The lawyer for one suspect says her client went to prosecutors over the weekend to say he did have sex with one of the young...

  • Department of State Sep 8, 2017

    2 US Students Accuse Italian Police of Rape in Florence

    Florence prosecutors on Friday were investigating allegations by two U.S. students that they were raped by Carabinieri policemen who escorted them home in a patrol car from a nightclub, allegations the U.S. State Department said it was taking very seriously. Italian authorities said the 21-year-old students were questioned by prosecutors for several hours Thursday about their allegations. The women accused...

  • DONALD TRUMP Feb 17, 2017

    Trump: Flynn ‘Was Just Doing His Job'

    President Donald Trump said he believed Michael Flynn “was just doing his job” as a then-incoming national security advisor to the White House when he called a Russian minister. Trump maintained that Flynn was fired for misleading Vice President Mike Pence.

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