Poltz Unplugged

Local singer/songwriter Steve Poltz played to a full house recently at M-Theory Music.

The in-store appearance by Poltz and friends was an unplugged affair last Friday in Mission Hills. Poltz was handicapped during the performance: He was sporting a cast on his left hand, an injury he suffered while skiing.

"You know what I thought right when I heard that snap?" Poltz told the crowd at M-Theory. "I thought, 'Damn it! I wish I had a tape recorder and I taped it. I could use that sound onstage tonight and it would be so cool and I could put it on a record.' "

The event capped a big week for Poltz, who celebrated his 50th birthday with a show at the Belly Up Tavern, where he was joined by guests that included Tim Bluhm of the Northern California Band the Mother Hips, Mojo Nixon, Gregory Page and others. Also joining the birthday boy at the party, which also celebrated the release of his newest CD, Dreamhouse,  were Poltz's bands the Rugburns and the the Cynics.

Click here to see an interview of Poltz by Chris Cantore.

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