SoundDiego Podcast EP3: CC from Little Hurricane

Little Hurricane's Celeste "CC" Spina sits in and talks about the band's unforgettable San Diego County Fair show, her love of Taco Bell, the three S's — Soundgarden, Sublime and Seal — and more

CC of Little Hurricane sits in for Episode 3 of the SoundDiego Podcast
Dan Chusid

Little Hurricane are one of San Diego's greatest musical exports — they've won multiple San Diego Music Awards over the past decade and have a devoted fan base that spans the world. Their latest album, "Love Luck," is fantastic (it's currently up for Best Blues Album and Album of the Year at this year's SDMAs) and ranks up there as one of, if not the best, records the indie-rock duo has released to date. Visit and stay in the know about their upcoming tour dates, music and news.

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Episode 3 Show Notes:

  • After hearing about Little Hurricane's show at the fair, are you wondering what the difference is between a sound technician and an audio engineer? Well, sound technicians are responsible for hooking up and managing all the different sounds coming from the stage and making them listenable for an audience. An audio engineer is usually found in a music studio working alongside a producer to get each individual element of a song to sound as good -- or as unique -- as the producer and artist desires.
  • Want to see CC puttin' her culinary skills to a different kind of use? Here's an acoustic version of Little Hurricane's "Blood Boil," live from their kitchen!
  • Bill Withers' classic song, "Ain't No Sunshine," was the subject of CC's second A or B Side question — if our discussion about how many times Withers sang "I know, I know, I know" in it didn't sound immediately familiar, listen to it here now. He says it 26 times!
  • The last A or B Side question might've been a tad confusing for listeners who don't know Pink Floyd's classic song "Money." Hear it in full here and listen for the little interview spoken-word snippets toward the end.

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