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SoundDiego Podcast EP13: ‘Reading and Music Activate the Same Part of Your Brain' — Justine Epstein of North Park's Verbatim Books

On Episode 13 of the SoundDiego Podcast, Justine Epstein — the owner of North Park's Verbatim Books — shares her love of Oingo Boingo and Tom Waits, raves about great local musician/authors, possibly gets converted into a Bruce Springsteen fan, and more.

Verbatim Books' Justine Epstein guests on Episode 13 of the SoundDiego Podcast.
Paul Theilmann

The SoundDiego Podcast welcomes Justine Epstein, owner of North Park's Verbatim Books, on this week's episode. Since opening in 2015, Verbatim has become a go-to destination for bookworms from San Diego and out- of-towners, as well as local authors and musicians who stop in for the occasional in-store performances. Verbatim is closed due to the pandemic but will be reopening when the government makes it clear that it's safe to do so. Until you can stop in personally, head over to and keep up-to-date with everything happening with the shop.

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Episode 13 Show Notes:

  • We wish we could peruse the multitude of shelves at Verbatim Books but until then, you can soak up the sounds of the shop's 75-hour Spotify playlist.
  • Epstein may not be totally sold on Bruce Springsteen, but after learning he wrote the music for Patti Smith's huge single, "Because the Night," she might be changing her tune on The Boss. Check it out for yourself.
  • Epstein's first album purchase (and one of SoundDiego host Dustin Lothspeich's all-time favorite records) was the Smashing Pumpkins' "Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness" — here's a great look back by Billy Corgan in Rolling Stone on the epic 1995 double-album's legacy.
  • This episode's Spotlight song of the week is the San Diego Music Award-winning singer/songwriter John Meeks and his song "Jungle Kook." Head over to his Bandcamp page to buy some music or merch, and support him in these difficult times.
San Diego Music Awards fixture plays Tin Can Friday, but we caught up with him in Little Italy.

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