San Diego Musicians Want You to Know ‘You're Not Alone'

Whitney Shay
Whitney Shay

A few weeks ago, we shared a story about local vocalist Whitney Shay, whose album hit No. 1 on Billboard's Blues charts the same day she was filing for unemployment.

As the weeks have passed, Shay has kept busy with online performances and several other projects, but one in particular stands out: the inspiring “You're Not Alone," which the San Diego-based songwriter and composer Adam J. Eros co-wrote with Shay.

“[The] video features photographs of all of our friends and family who are essential workers that are on the front lines battling this virus," Eros said via email. "Musicians from across the world sent in recordings ... and the song came together as a wonderful show of appreciation. I have received numerous thank-you letters and an outpouring of emotion from the community here in San Diego.”

“My wonderful writing partner Adam J. Eros wrote this new song just over two weeks ago after being inspired by the pandemic to create something to make people feel better,” Shay posted about the project on Facebook. “Now, two weeks later, we present this beautiful video and fully mixed and mastered song that is the result of a collaborative effort of so many people from all over the world.”

All of the musical parts were recorded in various parts of the world where artists are sheltering in place, including contributions by Igor Prado on guitar (Brazil), Red Young on organ/keys (Austin, Texas), and Amanda Dal and Roger Inniss on bass (United Kingdom).

Several local artists contributed as well, including Rebecca Jade, Carissa Schroeder, Leonard Patton, William Pomerleau, Daniel Bourget, Greg Wonder, Michael Clayton Harris, Rhea Makiaris, Skittles McPooperson, Chris Stephens, Melissa Alcazar and others.

“Adam had a vision that was beautifully executed, and I'm so happy to have been a part of this project," Shay said in her post. "I hope it brings you some peace during this strange time.”

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