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Pyles' Monthly Picks March On

The highlights this month include the Growlers at SOMA and Tame Impala at Pechanga Arena

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Growing up here in San Diego, I've seen many things come and go. From venues to bands, sometimes life is fleeting, but don't let it be.  Make those lasting friendships by going to shows and making friends -- I hear it adds years to your life.  The opportunities are endless ...

The power of a song is, well, powerful. One song that made it out of SD and onto the national profile in the '80s wastThe Monroes "What Do All the People Know," so among all the shows listed below that I also booked, here is your opportunity to see finally see the band -- and they go on first! March 9 at the Casbah it's Lost Dakota, Machine Politik and the Monroes! We also have a SoundDiego LIVE this month at Bar Pink ...

So get off the couch -- and I'll see YOU at a show!

  • March 1: Summer Cannibals at Soda Bar. the band from Portland, Oregon, got their start on the Kill Rock Stars label.
  • March 2: WSPRGRL, Junipero, Hailey Wild at Casbah. If you trust my taste, then you might come to this all-local show I booked.
  • March 3: Boy Named Banjo at the Casbah. Alt-country from Nashville. They got a banjo and a mandolin.
  • March 4: Jules Julie, Primaveras, Someplace Nowhere at Casbah.  See comment on March 4th.
  • March 5: Robyn Hitchcock at the Casbah. From the Soft Boys to the Egyptians, Robyn is a musical treasure.
  • March 6: The Growlers at SOMA. The kings of beach goth, a genre and once a festival
  • March 7: Dennis DeYoung at the Magnolia. Lead vocalist for Styx -- "Domo arigato, Mr Roboto."
  • March 8: Cones at Soda Bar. Smooth Tame Impala-like tunes.
  • March 9: Tame Impala at Pechanga Arena.  The band just released an amazing new album, "The Slow Rush."
  • March 10: Nathan Raney, Oliver James, Formula 400 at the Casbah.  This is one of those situations where I must fully disclaim that I booked this local bill.
  • March 11: G. Love & Special Sauce at the Belly Up. He likes cold beverages.
  • March 12: Hot Snakes at the Belly Up. Local heroes featuring members of Rocket From the Crypt and Drive Like Jehu, to name a few.
  • March 13: Soul Asylum and Local H at the Belly Up. This show will take you back.
  • March 14: Delta Spirit at the Belly Up. The band that got their start in San Diego and went on to tour the world is back.
  • March 15: Lords of Acid and Praga Khan at Brick by Brick. Techno, techno, techno!
  • March 16: Dive Vibe, Love Ghost, Black Leather Couch at the Casbah. Are you getting tired of me promoting my own shows?
  • March 17: It's "St. Paddy's Day," not "St. Patty's."  Drink some green beer with friends and maybe go see the Downs Family, Lexington Field and Action Andy & the Hi-Tones at the Casbah.
  • March 18: Grace Potter at the Observatory North Park. No more Nocturnals.
  • March 19: Seaport Sessions at Seaport Village with Dirty Sweet and Low Volts. Free event, art music and culture, 5-8 p.m. -- I host this event.  A must -see is Oslo's Sardine Bar and the electric shark!
  • March 20: Joe Wood's Change Today and Poison Hearts A.C. at the Casbah. Joe Wood fronted TSOL for several years.
  • March 21: Algiers at the Casbah. A rock band from Atlanta whose layers are deep; they may surprise you.
  • March 22: Shane Hall, Electric Mud, Francis Blum at Casbah. I still can't believe Casbah owner Tim Mays gives me the honor to put so many local bands into his hallowed club.
  • March 23: Yob at Brick By Brick. Active since 1996, they are everything from stoner rock to doom metal.
  • March 24: Galactic at the Belly Up. Acid jazz, funk, hip-hop, fusion and bop, Galactic can do no wrong.
  • March 25: Tommy Cash at the the Casbah. Estonian rapper, singer and conceptual artist.
  • March 26: Adam Green at Soda Bar. Do you remember The Moldy Peaches? It's the same dude.
  • March 27: SoundDiego LIVE at Bar Pink with Holy Wars, MDRN HSTRY and Los Dug Dug's. with your host, Alysha Nett,. RSVP HERE
  • March 28: Beach Slang at the Casbah. If you have any love for The Replacements, I have a feeling this band may interest you.
  • March 29: Corb Lund at the Soda Bar. Rootsy country artist that has had a stellar career.
  • March 30: The Lover the Liar, Josh Moreland, Evening's Empire at the Casbah. This is my last chance to remind you that I booked Casbah show's, so trust me, would I steer you wrong?
  • March 31: Celine Dion at Pechanga Arena. I feel, given the chance, that I would actually go see this goddess of a woman with the voice of an angel.

I'm also at the Merrow every Tuesday, so if you need to find me that's a good spot; come by and say hello. Peruse the above options, pick a couple, and if you see me at the same concert, grab me and say hello. Ta-ta for now, and I'll see you at a show!

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