Hard Core Dance Core

Nerdcore and meaningful-core in the same weekend? I’m there! A few things that caught my eye this week:
Lets hear it for TheGamerGirls.com! This social-networking site for female gamers is hosting a fun evening at the Ruby Room on Thursday. Nerdcore Night: A Night of Live Music, Video Games and Geek Culture will feature a video game booth and there are even prizes involved. Plus, enjoy live sets from Zealous1 (aka the Sleeping Dragon of Nerdcore), Dr. Awkward, Shammers, and Nikki & the Mongoloid. For more info, go here.
Pussy Galore, my monthly night at the Whistle Stop, happens this Friday. I feature a female cast of DJs and lean toward bands that have women in them. However this Friday, something special is happening, and women or no women, it’s gonna go off. My old dear friend Butch Norton, who used to be in the band Eels, has a new project.  It's called Chop Love Carry Fire.  Yep, it took me about a week to wrap my head around that name, but now it's finally stuck. The band features Jeremy Toback (Brad), Butch (Eels, Lucinda Williams) and Billy Mohler (Macy Gray, Smashing Pumpkins).  I'm stoked to be bringing them to San Diego and the Whistle Stop this weekend. Check out a recent article on the band here, plus a link to their new video. Jeremy Toback describes Chop Love Carry Fire as “meaningful-core,” which I find interesting and appealing. Swing by and say hello this Friday, have an adult beverage and enjoy the great music. Local favorites Astra Kelly and Street of Little Girls will also be performing and it's free!  Plus, Jaime Ali and I will be spinning electro, indie, '80s and more throughout the night.  :-)
Saturday night, come to the dark side and join me for Club Sabbat at the Flame in Hillcrest. Special guest DJ Dark Angel will make her Sabbat debut, with me in the main room and longtime Sabbat DJ Atom will be keeping it old school in the back room. Sabbat has been around for more than 13 years and is San Diego’s classiest gothic, industrial and fetish event that features two music rooms plus another one for chilling. For more info, go here
Thursday through Saturday events are listed via my blog. Here’s to another fun weekend, and I’ll see you on the dance floor!

Robin Roth is a familiar voice in the San Diego scene.  She is on the air weekdays from 10am to 2pm on 91X, plus she promotes and spins all over town.  For more info about upcoming gigs, check out her event blog. Follow Robin on Twitter @robin_roth or submit your DJ listings here.

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