Johaz Launches Enivid Label

Veteran San Diego rapper Johaz introduces the world to his own record label, Enivid Music Group, with two new videos.

"Having my imprint, it kinda just gives me the freedom to release my other s---", veteran rapper Johaz told SoundDiego during a recent phone interview.  

He explained the idea behind Enivid Music Group, a new label and company he's set up to distribute material — in addition to the work he does with producer Exile as Dag Savage.

"It's still Dirty Science though," making sure it's understood he remains loyal to the collective responsible for the Dag Savage releases, and that this venture is simply a product of development — he's progressing. 

And with the initial order of business, a pair of video singles, EMG is off to a strong start. 

The first clip, "Eyes of the City," features Blame One and is backed by scenes of San Diego; part bleak part charming — it's a love letter to his hometown as shots stretch from Barrio Logan's Chicano Park and reach as far north as the Oceanside Civic Center. 

The follow-up, "Blow Your Mind," sounds more like his "other s---". By way of G Rocka's funk bed with guest verses from Mitchy Slick and Tommy Redding, the track pulses full of Southern California mojo warm from the energy of eternal summertime vibes.

And even though the initial offerings are all Johaz, in the future, he wants the imprint to be more than a vehicle that's solely about expanding his personal brand.

With an ear for talent, as sharp as it is for beats, he has a vision that extends beyond himself, and while he didn't give up all the details during our call, he did end the conversation with this: "I'd love to put out other records from other artists, too. I've already got one that I'm working on."

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