A Kill c Rey for All Seasons

Kill c Rey
Kill c Rey

"I'm making music in seasons," San Diego rapper Kill c Rey said, describing the strategy behind his latest material. 

It's a working idea -- something he's flushing out as he goes -- but the end goal is a set of song collections that reflect shifting periods: winter, spring, summer and fall.

After losing an uncle late last year and wanting to work through feelings of bereavement, Kill c Rey started the process -- his cold chapter. It resulted in seven tracks, and in February, he released the capstone "Never Heard It," a percussive bookend to close out his winter episode. 

With one down and three to go, Kill c Rey's building his momentum -- gearing up for the spring installment -- while aiming to have a total of 60 songs and a completed anthology by November 2020. 

There's more, too. In addition to recording, Kill c Rey would also like to perform live. After taking an almost yearlong hiatus from the stage, he's hoping to hit the road this summer in support of the Elephants in the Room via the Never Forget Tour.  

No rest for the weary it seems. But Kill c Rey's is a passion that runs deep, so even if there's a lot of work ahead of him, he views it more with a sense of excitement than as a source of anxiety. And coming from a place of pure creativity, he hopes his undertakings rub off on or even inspire those who choose to listen.  

"I really wanna motivate my people," Kill c Rey said. "For me, it's a big experiment, but I also wanna motivate everybody." 

Indeed -- and as cliche as it sounds, end points are important, but sometimes it truly is more about the journey than the destination.  

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