Longest ‘Lights Out' of the Century

Cruise ship plans on "extending" longest solar eclipse

There's a cruise for just about every one, every group - face it, every fanatic and fantasy going.  From Elvis to Harley Davidson owners there already is (or soon will be) a cruise to fit whatever proclivity you happen to cater to.  Yes, there's even one for those of who prefer to "bathe in the buff" (question: does anyone bring any luggage?).  There is even a cruise for "eclipse chasers."

That's right, there are hundreds (if not thousands) of people who will gladly travel to the ends of the earth to watch the sun disappear into the shadow of the moon and this July is the granddaddy of them all:  the longest solar eclipse of the century.

The tropics is where the longest of these astronomical phenomena take place and this one is no exception.  It starts in India July 22, crosses China, Southern Japan then reaches its peak way out in the Pacific Ocean east of Iwo Jima.  That's where it's scheduled to reach its total duration of 6-minutes, 39-seconds and yes, you guessed it, this is where the cruise ship comes in. 

Not only does a ship get you to the exact spot of longest totality, it also offers you total mobility in the process.  Organizers say this is important  for two reasons: 1)  it can move you away from any clouds that might be blocking the view, and, 2)  by moving forward with the eclipse as it's happening, the ship can actually extend the duration by at least a few seconds.

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