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A Murphy's Law Wedding in Sonoma



    A Murphy's Law Wedding in Sonoma

    If it could go wrong, it pretty much did for a wedding couple in Sonoma County. And the YouTube video proves it.

    A thoroughly planned, tents-and-all, beach-side wedding was snake-bitten from go, and the couple rode it out -- well, except for the rogue wave that toppled them in their formal wear.

    The Press-Democrat reports that Kathy Moore and Bryan Solari met eight years ago and are both from Sonoma. So they returned for some seaside nuptials.

    Some lowlights: massive rainstorm, leaky tents, the groom locked the keys in the RV -- while it was running, paramedics for an accident during clean up ... and a wave that wiped them out during post-ceremony pictures.

    Enough words, here's the vid: