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Man Gets Stuck in Swing After Bet with Friends

Friends bail on man after he's stuck in baby swing.



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    A man got stuck in a baby swing in a Vallejo park for nearly nine hours.

    People are smart. We see just how smart they are every day on nearly any given YouTube video.

    Today's genius is a 21-year-old man who made a bet with friends for $100 that involved lubing himself up with laundry detergent and sliding into a child's swing at Blue Rock Springs Park in Vallejo, reports the Times-Herald.

    The groundskeeper of the park arrived to work Saturday morning, where he and police discovered the man screaming, and stuck in the swing, where he'd been for about nine hours. Evidently, his friends took off and left him there. Nice friends.

    Vallejo firefighters were called in to rescue the man using cast cutters to free him.

    No word on whether or not the man collected on the bet.