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Driver Trapped as Car Barrels Down Highway at 125 MPH

Frenchmen calls police to chase his own speeding car



    Driver Trapped as Car Barrels Down Highway at 125 MPH
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    First jamming at 60 mph, the Renault eventually stuck at 125 mph.

    A man lost control over the speed of his car in northern France on Wednesday, leaving him trapped as it bounded down a highway at 125 miles per hour.

    Frank Lecerf 's Renault Laguna continued for about an hour, traveling 125 miles from his hometown of Pont-de-Mentz, the U.K. Guardian newspaper reported.

    The car first jammed at 60 miles per hour, leaving the driver in a desperate effort to slow down. Whenever Lecerf added pressure to the brake, his vehicle accelerated, eventually getting stuck at 125 mph, according to The Guardian. During the ordeal, he managed to contact the police. Authorities sent a safety convoy to follow him through his fearful journey, warning tolls and cars ahead of Lecerf's impending arrival.

    The vehicle continued barreling down the French coastal motorway, eventually crossing the border into Belgium where it ran out of fuel and was driven into a ditch in the town of Alvergingem. 

    "My life flashed before me," Lecerf told Le Courrier Picard, adding that he simply wanted the car to stop. The 36-year-old driver, who was originally headed to the supermarket, suffers from epilepsy so his car features a brake and accelerator on the steering wheel.

    He claimed to have previously had problems with the vehicle and had it checked. Renault claimed that the car was fit to drive before the latest incident, he said. Lecerf plans to take legal action for "endangerment of a person's life." Although he was unhurt from the accident, he experienced two epileptic seizures.

    A technician from Renault attempted to advise police on stopping the car without success. An investigation of the incident is still underway, according to the Guardian.