A Way With Words

Get it all in writing.


GOOD PENMANSHIP: Though a lot of students and professionals these days take notes on their computer, there are times and places where that just isn't convenient. Of course, these times and places also seem to include brainstorming sessions on napkins that get lost, or hurried scribbles of transcription that get lost in translation.

For these and many other occasions, you'd be glad you had the Livescribe Pulse Smartpen to back you up. Not only does this slick pen remember everything you write or draw (on dot paper that you can buy or print yourself), but its built in audio recorder also captures everything you hear or say.

Plus, you can connect your pen to your computer with a simple USB cord and download all of its contents for emailing, filing or simply backing-up.

GET IT: For $199.99. Best Buy, 5151 Mission Center Road, Mission Valley, (619) 574-1076.

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