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Finding a Niche in Vegas



    Finding a Niche in Vegas
    Bob Hansen

    It's about convincing the world they need your product, even if they don't know it yet.

    The Consumer Electronics Show is the place to showcase what you've got.  It could be a major player like Sony introducing a 3D Camcorder or a group of doctors pushing a home blood pressure monitor that works with your iPhone.

    The show is full of hope, even though many of these products may not be here next year.

    Already companies are lining up to challenge Apple's iPad.

    The folks who make the BlackBerry, Research in Motion, gave reporters a first peek at their Playbook Tablet on Wednesday. It's up against stiff competition but has a sleeker, smaller feel than the larger Apple and Samsung devices.
    Jawbone is offering a wireless speaker for iPhones. Texas Instruments wants you to be able to project pictures directly from your camera or phone onto the wall. Victorinox has a Swiss Army Knife with a USB drive built in and Provo Craft allows you to print pictures and have them cut into fancy shapes for scrap booking.

    The variety is endless at a show that takes up miles of exhibit space.
    In some ways the easy part is to show them off. The hard part is finding space on store shelves and even harder, into the hearts and hands of consumers.