Puck Headlines: Avery clears; Drury would treat him like addict

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Sean Avery clears waivers, because the market for a locker room cancer in the first year of a four-year, $15.5 million contract and who was forced into anger management by the NHL apparently ain't what it used to be. [Dallas Stars Blog]

New York Rangers captain Chris Drury says the team would give Sean Avery a second chance "just like I would with a guy with a drinking or drug problem," keeping in mind the inherent risk that Sean Avery could relapse into ... uh, being Sean Avery. [Journal News]

• Meanwhile, are the Dallas Stars for real? Like, going from the garbage dump to contending for a Stanley Cup real? [Razor With an Edge]

• Gord Miller of TSN suggests that the Pittsburgh Penguins should trade Evgeni Malkin for the betterment of the franchise. And what could the Penguins get back in return? "A winger for Crosby, a No. 2 center to replace Malkin, and ‘hopefully a pick or a prospect.'" Hopefully a pick? [FanHouse]

• Interesting scuttlebutt from Lyle "Spector" Richardson on Jay Bouwmeester: "It appears the greater the Panthers chances of securing a post-season berth the less likely they'll trade him." [THN]

• The New York Islanders are offering a promotion in which you can send a phone greeting from a player, coach or GM to a friend or loved one. Because nothing captures the romance of Valentine's Day better than Doug Weight uncontrollably weeping about ending his career as an Islander. [NYI]

• Mike Milbury vs. Pierre McGuire on NBC seemed forced, scripted and phony? Considering that 99 percent of the time these guys come off about a sincere in an argument as "Mike and Mike" on ESPN Radio, this isn't exactly breaking news. [Puck The Media]

• In his letter of resignation from the NHLPA, Eric Lindros insinuated that executive director Paul Kelly sought to undermine his role as ombudsman. From SBJ: "Whether NHLPA staff members who complained to the ombudsman were asked about their loyalty to the executive director in or around the time of their annual salary reviews." Wow. [Sports Business Journal, sub. may be required]

• From the Washington Times: "MLB.TV Premium subscribers can now pay $139.95 and also get the NHL Gamecenter package, which includes out-of-market hockey games. That's about a $60 savings based on the cost of buying the Gamecenter package separately now." This partnership between baseball and hockey continues to grow, doesn't it? Before you know it, our best players will all be on performance enhancing drugs, too. [Washington Times]

• Defenseman Kurtis Foster was back on the ice this weekend in the AHL, trying to make it back to the Minnesota Wild and back to the NHL before Torrey Mitchell can break him again. [CBC Sports]

• While the Philadelphia Phantoms, the AHL affiliate of the Philadelphia Flyers, will still likely end up in around Allentown for a new home, it appears Glens Falls could be the team's temporary home for a few years. [Post Star]

• Meanwhile, in Pittsburgh ... [Thanks to Pavel]

• Hey, remember how we were all stunned that the Phoenix Coyotes were the sixth seen in the West and playing really good hockey? Yeah, about that ... [Fanster]

Martin Brodeur says he has about 10 percent of his recovery, or roughly 60 meals, left before he can return between pipes for the New Jersey Devils. [Fire & Ice]

• Battle of California has a lengthy post comparing hockey scenarios with professional wrestling situations. "'Stone Cold' Steve Austin vs. 'The Hitman' Bret Hart: Not a bad parallel to the Alex Ovechkin vs. Sidney Crosby rivalry when you think about it. Austin/Ovechkin appeal to the simple fan with brashness and aggressiveness; Hart/Crosby are vaguely whiny, undeniably talented Canadians. Crosby might even have a disturbing obsession with baby oil and strange sunglasses for all we know." [BoC]

• No, it doesn't get any better than having a hockey rink in your backyard. [Norwich Bulletin]

• Finally, is Wayne Gretzky's 51 points in 51 games 51 straight games with at least a point perhaps his greatest accomplishment?

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