Puck Daddy on location at the Stanley Cup Finals in Pittsburgh

From the Department of Self-Congratulatory Nonsense: First off, apologies to anyone coming back here to read the Bobby Hull interview we mentioned in the Puck Headlines. It's been delayed to Tuesday due to some technical difficulties. Here's a taste, from the ever-popular "your adult beverage of choice" question:

HULL: Coors was a fad. We couldn't get it East of the Mississippi. When the NHL expanded into a 12-team League, we'd go to Oakland and pack our suitcases full of Coors and bring it back East. And then have my kids steal it out of the fridge ...

Beginning Tuesday, we'll be on location in Pittsburgh for both Games 3 and 4 of the Stanley Cup Finals; covering aspects both important and impractical. And while it boggles the mind that there's more to Pittsburgh than this heart attack on bread pictured above, we're hoping some of the natives down in the comments can point us in the direction of the must-see and must-do in the Steel City this week.

Live Blogs with on-site observations will run as planned here on Puck Daddy during Games 3 and 4.

There may be a Puck Buddy gathering of some sort this week. Follow me on Twitter for any details, and be sure to drop a line on e-mail if you're in the 'Burgh. Wyshynski will be there for Games 3 and 4; Leahy joins the fun for Game 4 on Thursday. If anyone asks, neither of us had anything to do with that Sidney Crosby documentary. In fact, we're pretty sure that actually ran on Google.

Thanks as always for reading. Evening Puck Headlines to follow ...

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