Padres Have a Whammy on the Giants

Make it a Magnificent 7 straight over San Francisco

The Padres beat the Giants 3-1 on Monday night at PETCO Park.  It's not terribly often a baseball team will run off 7 straight wins against one team in one month.  But, in this situation it's not too hard to believe.  San Diego just seems to have the number for teams in the Bay Area.

This is a great opportunity to bring up the fact the Chargers have beaten the Raiders 13 straight times (a reference that never really gets old).  But, did you know the Bolts have also taken four straight from the 49ers?  Sure, three of those are preseason games, but we'll take it.

It's even happening in college baseball.  This season USD has won all four games against San Francisco, and three more against Santa Clara.

Now, the game of baseball is a funny, fickle thing.  On Tuesday the Giants might throw a no-hitter (Jonathan Sanchez is on the mound, after all) and go on to win 10 straight against the Padres.  It's not likely, but it's possible.  Much more possible than the Raiders snapping their skid against Philip Rivers and company.

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