On Friar Podcast: Merrill's the Man, All-Star Profar, Farm Update with MadFriars

The guys discuss how the Padres should approach the trade deadline.

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The Padres might be separating themselves in the NL Wild Card race. That should impact their plans for the upcoming Trade Deadline. Will there be prospect huggin' or prospect dealin'? Seems like a good time to catch up with our good friend John Conniff from MadFriars. He discusses the familiar deadline dilemma - who could be part of a deal, and who should be off limits? Salas, Snelling and Lesko are having down seasons - what's the story there, and who has stood out? Plus, John had a debt to pay thanks to Jackson Merrill. Jurickson Profar is an All-Star starter. And James Wood has arrived.

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