Listen: On Friar Podcast – The Padres are Back at Petco, How's Summer Camp Going so Far?

Summer Camp is in full swing at Petco. There has been bad news, along with some promising sights through the first week as baseball adjusts to its new ecosystem.

Baseball is back. Pretty much everything around the game looks different, but nonetheless - baseball is back.

Darnay Tripp and Todd Strain discuss the first week of Padres Summer Camp at Petco Park. There are now protocols and precautions that make it a new experience for players, fans and media. The guys discuss how that's going, with promising signs for the Padres, as well as some bad news and lingering concerns for the league as a whole.

They also take a look at the team's 60-game schedule, which in many ways could work favorably for the Padres. And what about the in-game experience? We have an idea of what stadiums will look like, but how will they sound once the season starts?

The guys also passed along their thoughts on the club as it enters a new-look season, and how the roster could be well-constructed to fit some of the changes in baseball this summer.

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