LISTEN: On Friar Podcast – Anxious Days for Padres, Crunching Numbers with Sarah Langs

We discuss the dicey situation the Padres find themselves in, and the numbers and trends we've seen from the Padres and MLB.

A challenging couple days are behind the Padres, with some anxious times ahead. Derek and Darnay discuss COVID-19's impact on the team, and how they're getting by without Tatis, Myers, Hosmer and company. Then they turn their attention to the performances of Yu Darvish and Blake Snell in their doubleheader against the Rockies. The guys do another round of Three Up, Three Down featuring Nola, Kim, Pham and more.

Sarah Langs of joins the podcast to take a deep dive into the numbers. They begin by discussing Major League Baseball's exciting crop of young players, and where Tatis stands in that group. Langs shares insight on Padres' baserunning, Statcast figures that pop, trends and plenty more.

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