Texans 29, Dolphins 28: Houston No Longer O-fer, My Brain Doesn't Explode

Really, I don't know what to say about this game. The Texans are playing some maddening, inexplicable ball this year. Today, they ended up winning despite themselves and because of themselves. If you want to read a normal summation of the game, check out the AP report. If you want to read the relieved quote sheet from the Texans owner, coach and players, check out this.

This game is an illustration of why fans should always always always stay until the end. Here's my running commentary of select plays at the end of this game:

With 6:08 left in the game, Houston is forced to kick a 42 yard field goal to be up 23-21.

At the Miami 36 with 3:18 on the clock, Chad Pennington throws an interception picked off by safety Eugene Wilson. Instead of sitting down, Wilson runs towards the endzone but fumbles at the 27. My brain almost explodes. Fortunately, I had consumed a slight amount of alcohol that thinned my blood enough to prevent a full blown Scanners event.

The Texans defense is so horrific that they allow Miami to score a touchdown in only 5 plays and in 1:19 seconds. 28-23. Boooo!!!!! But wait, this leaves 1:45 on the clock. Keep hope alive and all that nonsense.

In the first play of the drive, Joey Porter sacks Matt Schaub for -8 yards. Ew, but strangely typical of the Texans 2:00 minute drill. But Schaub redeems himself with a 20 completion in the next play.

On third down, Schaub forces a pass to Andre Johnson that is initially ruled an interception. But replay shows the ball bounced. What? A break goes the Texans' way?

On fourth down, Schaub completes a pass to Johnson that looks like an impossible ball. And Johnson goes and gets it. Despite getting a career high number of yards today, Johnson appeared to be struggling with his game a bit, giving up a fumble in the red zone and dropping at least one gimme ball. This fourth down catch was impressive.

Eventually, the Texans get to the three yard line, and throw two incomplete passes to the middle of the endzone. Fourth down. Seven seconds to go. I am going to die if they don't score. I know that is hyperbole, but really, I felt like I was going to die.

As coach Gary Kubiak says in his presser, he sees that the Dolphins have been playing quarters, so he decides to call a quarterback draw. Schaub runs up the middle for a TD. Wooohooo, brain almost explodes like Scanners, but in a good way.

So, the Miami fans who were celebrating because the Dolphins scored so quickly on the Texans couldn't believe that ending. And Texan fans could barely believe it too. The Texans lost the last two games because they couldn't finish strong, but won this one because they could manage to put together a working two minute drill.

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