Lawrence Tynes Tries a Tony Romo Impression and Falls Flat

Everyone assumed that a broken pinky was going to keep Tony Romo from playing St. Louis this weekend. They assumed it right up until Romo himself said that he was well enough to play and would, in fact, be playing if the decision was his to make. The NFL has long been a copycat league so it isn't surprising that another player tried to pull the same routine.

Lawrence Tynes, kicker for the Giants, has been recovering from knee surgery since preseason. John Carney has taken his place and made all 12 of his field goal tries, making it hard to assume that Tynes will just get the job back the moment he's healthy. Tynes, in an attempt to make an end run around that little problem, told reporters this week that he was told he was going to be doing the kicking this weekend.

Someone may have told him, but it wasn't head coach Tom Coughlin.

"While I appreciate Lawrence's enthusiasm to get back on the field, I haven't decided yet who will kick this week. When I do, I will make that announcement."

Coughlin used to work for Bill Parcells which means he probably considers kickers somewhere around pedophiles on the evolutionary ladder. Going over his head is not likely to enamor him with Tynes until Carney screws up so royally that they have to make a change.

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