Heads Up, Terrell Suggs: Hines Ward Explains That NFL Has Rules About Bounties

Yesterday, the guy who hopes to one day supplant Peter King as Brett Favre's BFF, along with his PTI co-host Michael Wilbon, spent five good minutes chatting up Hines Ward. Ward, you may have heard, has been in the news recently. First for leveling vicious-but-legal blocks that the league later fined him for, and also because Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs admitted some of his teammates had put a bounty on the Steelers wideout. (This presumes, of course, that Suggs actually knows what "bounty" means. It's still not clear.)

In talking to Mr. Tony and Willybuns, Ward pointed out that blocks
like the one he put on Bengals linebacker Keith Rivers happen virtually every week around the NFL. The only difference is that everybody praised those plays as "good, hard football" or some such.

When Kornheiser brought up the bounty, Ward said he considered it an honor before explaining, through the wonders of visual aids (about 2:45 in), "there's a policy in the NFL that [Suggs] needs to read." Apparently the NFL has rules about premeditated maiming. Weird.

Hat tip: Shutdown Corner

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