Clark Judge Isn't a Javon Walker Fan

Congratulations, Javon Walker, because you're in a class all to yourself. Unfortunately, in this case, that's not exactly a good thing for you, or Raiders fans. Clark Judge over at CBS Sportsline has a column up today where he breaks down The Good, The Bad, and the Javon Walker's of this past off-season's free agent class. Here's what he has to say on the Raiders' $55 million man after five weeks:

Al Davis won't pay his head coach, but he will pay stiffs like Walker to take up space on the roster. Mike Shanahan was right to cut this guy loose, especially with suckers like the Raiders sitting out there. They pay him a fortune, then watch him do precisely what Shanahan predicted -- zilch. Walker has four catches this season, which is a good series for Brandon Marshall, and he didn't exactly win over former coach Lane Kiffin. I knew there was a reason Lane had to go.

Don't hold back, Clark, seriously, just let it rip and tell us what you're really feeling here. Of course, I don't think there's really anybody in football land -- outside of Al Davis and Walker, of course -- who would disagree with his analysis. Is there?

This signing was a disaster from day one, when the Raiders were seemingly bidding against themselves for Walkers services. After getting off to a less-than-impressive start in training camp, he's opened the season by catching four passes in three games. He's on pace for, roughly, 16 receptions this year.

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