Breaking News: Reggie Bush's Girlfriend Might Not Be That Smart

You might not believe this, so brace your tailbone, but Kim Kardashianmight not be that smart.

MSNBC's Courtney Hazlett is reporting that Kardashian, girlfriend of the shifty Reggie Bush, might be going out of her way to sabotage Bush. (Sadly, when I contacted Kim for quotes on the story, my minutes ran out before I could get any because I had to explain what "sabotage" means.)

Bush was in Las Vegas this weekend for Kardashian's birthday party, and a source is saying the birthday girl is making it seem like Reggie would rather be freak dancing at the Luxor than freaking defensive backs on the football field.

"(Kardashian) is trying to make it out to look like (Bush) isn't hurt, that he's pulling a fast one on his team and just partying it up with her instead of being with the Saints," the source says. "You could argue if he's well enough to party in Vegas, he could at least show his support on the sidelines, but selling pictures? That's pretty low too."

Hopefully this is just gossip, because surely someone isn't this idiotic. Peddling pictures of your boyfriend, telling the world that he'd rather be by your side than helping his team win (with the best quarterback in the league, by the way)? Hey Source, I'm with you, that is pretty low!!

Also, I think it should be noted that Bush checked in with the Saints, who said it was fine if he went to Vegas during his rehab. That, obviously, is not to be confused with Rehab, which would probably not help that knee of his, but would be a lot more fun

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