Bengal Fans to Report Owner Mike Brown to Team's ‘Jerk Line'

If you are a frustrated Bengals fan -- and I know that sounds redundant -- you need to join the Who Dey Revolution. It is the preemptive site for Bengal lovers who want their team back.

WDR is up to some new tricks by launching Project Mayhem. The Project Mayhem is designed to do two things: reducing owner Mike Brown's profits and ultimately disrupting the order of things in Bengals Land. The first task to start the mayhem is turning Brown in by calling the team's jerk line.

Every Bengals fan, whether you are at PBS or elsewhere, needs to call 513-381-JERK (5375) on Sunday between 1:00-4:00pm and say: "As a Bengals fan, Mike Brown is mentally and emotionally abusing me from his owner's box." Everyone should call ONCE, say the above line and hang up.

The jerk line was created a couple of years ago so fans in the stadium can report unruly people and have them removed. This idea came up the year after the Bengals AFC North division title and lone playoff appearance since 1991. Obviously fans were a bit giddy over seeing their sorry franchise finally break through. Too much happiness isn't good for you, I guess.

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