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Super Bowl Ticket Prices Near Record High



    Super Bowl Ticket Prices Near Record High
    You won't be able to step foot inside the stadium for less than $1,750 -- and that doesn't even get you a reserved seat, just a standing-room only ticket.

    A ticket to Super Bowl XLV will cost you at least three times what it did just a few years ago.

    In fact, one San Diego State University professor said ticket prices at this Super Bowl could reach record highs.

    We are just thirteen days to Super Bowl Sunday when the Green Bay Packers will face the Pittsburgh Steelers.

    StubHub lists pages of Super Bowl XLV tickets with prices ranging from $2500 for Lower End to more than $250,000 for Star Suites in the new "Dallas Palace."

    The lowest price for a standing room-only ticket is $2200 – triple what the same ticket would cost for Super Bowl XLII.

    Why the change?

    The founder of SDSU's sports MBA program cites three reasons and it's not the names on the backs of jerseys :

    • Both teams are very strong franchises and have a very loyal fan base
    • Interest in football has been very high this season, and just keeps growing nationwide
    • The teams are playing in a brand new stadium near Dallas, Texas

    “This is the match-up that I think if you went back to the beginning of the year and asked a lot of sports fans what teams they'd like to see, this is probably what they'd like to see," said George Belch, Ph. D, SDSU Professor and self-professed Steelers fan.

    "Everything is just coming together for this to be a big, big Super Bowl," Belch said.

    To help push those prices higher, Belch adds that many consumers feel it's a once-in-a-lifetime experience and everyone has their own value equation for a Super Bowl moment.