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Winter Olympics Sochi 2014

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Hawk Talks About Shaun White's Olympic Surprises

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    Hawk Talks About Shaun White's Olympic Surprises
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    Shaun White is the dominant snowboarder of his generation and claimed gold in his event at the 2006 Turin Winter Games. In the first run of the final, White stole the show. He impressed the judges, who awarded him 46.8 points out of a possible 50.

    The king of one sport who just happens to live in San Diego is rooting for his buddy who also lives in the North County and is the king of another.

    Skateboarding icon Tony Hawk has immense respect for Carlsbad's Shaun White, who is favored to win a snowboarding gold medal

    On Monday, Hawk talked a little bit about what separates White from the rest of his competitors. 

    "He does not stop challenging himself," Hawk said. "He continues to keep pushing whatever limits he has, and that's what keeps him way up on top."

    Hawk is White's skateboard sponsor, but Hawk said it has been understandably difficult getting White to focus on skateboarding during the past year. White has learned a bunch of new tricks that he plans to unleash this Wednesday, according to Hawk. 

    White smacked his head recently in the X-Games. It was a breathtaking moment until the crowd realized White was not seriously injured. When asked about the dangers snowboarding, Hawk said, "It is part of what we do and part of what we risk. But there's always that element of danger, and I think that's what people like about the sport -- that there is that excitement level."

    Hawk said he was heading north soon to the Olympics to watch his friend compete.