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Norv Sees Glass Half Full



    Norv Sees Glass Half Full
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    Mike Scifres was way too busy on Monday night.

    Remember last year when the Chargers went to Oakland and barely won the season opener on Monday night, losing about a dozen guys to injuries in the process? We felt about as bad as we could after a win.

    Flip that around for this season. The Chargers went to Kansas City and lost the season opener on Monday night, but came out healthy and had several chances to win. I guess we should feel as good as we can after a loss. Norv Turner does.

    "I feel awfully good about our guys, and that's not 24 hours since we lost the game, so that's saying a lot," Turner said Tuesday afternoon. "There's a large group of guys that has already come in. I'm trying to get them rested for Sunday, but they're in, wanting to look at the tape and see how they can get better."

    Cue up the punt coverage first: Kansas City's return game ran wild against the Chargers' special teams unit, which is supposed to be one of the best in the league.

    "We had six or seven guys who have been stellar special teams players here over the last two or three years have tough plays," said Turner. "It's obviously something we have to address quickly and get better at."

    You can't help but wonder if Kassim Osgood's presence would have fixed the problem. Turner says no.

    "I believe we can replace anyone who is not here," the head coach said on Tuesday.

    Let's hope so. If Osgood comes back to the Q this weekend with Jacksonville and his Jaguars dominate on special teams, and that dominance helps them beat the Bolts, there's going to be a problem with no easy solution.