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HS Football Schedule: 2011 Central



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    A look at this year's schedule for the Central Standings from CalPreps.com.

    These are the games for University City and Coach John Hutsel, San diego and Coach Keir Kimbrough, Morse and Coach Tracy McNair, Sr., Kearny and Coach Kenny Nears, Crawford and Coach Mike Ward, Coronado and Coach Tony Isabella and Clairemont and Coach Dave Bottom.

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    Team Game-By-Game Logs

    Clairemont (San Diego, CA)
    (Division: IV, Enrollment: 1454, Coach: Dave Bottom, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Blue/Orange, Nickname: Chieftains, Address: 4150 Ute Dr)
    DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2010 Record2010 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
    Fri 09/02Garden Grove (CA)Los Amigos (Fountain Valley, CA)0-0-7.43-7-20.4Garden Grove (Southern)Southern (IX)7:00pm
    Fri 09/09RoadMadison (San Diego, CA)0-032.112-238.8WesternIV6:30pm
    Fri 09/16HomeOrange Glen (Escondido, CA)0-0-4.24-61.8ValleyII6:30pm
    Fri 09/23HomeMission Bay (San Diego, CA)0-01.13-95.6WesternIV6:30pm
    Fri 09/30HomeSan Diego (CA)*0-04.86-4-15.7CentralI6:30pm
    Fri 10/07HomeKearny (San Diego, CA)*0-0-0.74-6-2.2CentralIII6:30pm
    Fri 10/14HomeUniversity City (San Diego, CA)*0-0-6.34-6-2.3CentralIII6:30pm
    Fri 10/21RoadCrawford (San Diego, CA)*0-0-29.40-9-31CentralIV3:00pm
    Fri 10/28RoadCoronado (CA)*0-07.89-38.8CentralIV7:00pm
    Fri 11/11RoadMorse (San Diego, CA)*0-006-58.6CentralII6:30pm
    Coronado (CA)
    (Division: IV, Enrollment: 1109, Coach: Tony Isabella, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Green/White, Nickname: Islanders, Address: 650 D Ave)
    DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2010 Record2010 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
    Sat 09/03RoadSt. Margaret's (San Juan Capistrano, CA)0-09.49-412.2Academy (Southern)East Valley (XII)7:00pm
    Fri 09/09HomeSheppard (Edmonton, Alberta)      7:30pm
    Sat 09/17RoadSanta Fe Christian (Solana Beach, CA)0-0267-521.4CoastalIV2:00pm
    Fri 09/23HomeRock Academy (San Diego, CA)0-0-35.46-3-26.5PacificV7:00pm
    Fri 09/30HomeUniversity City (San Diego, CA)*0-0-6.34-6-2.3CentralIII7:00pm
    Fri 10/07RoadCrawford (San Diego, CA)*0-0-29.40-9-31CentralIV3:00pm
    Fri 10/14HomeKearny (San Diego, CA)*0-0-0.74-6-2.2CentralIII6:30pm
    Fri 10/28HomeClairemont (San Diego, CA)*0-0-181-9-16.5CentralIV7:00pm
    Fri 11/04RoadMorse (San Diego, CA)*0-006-58.6CentralII6:30pm
    Thu 11/10RoadSan Diego (CA)*0-04.86-4-15.7CentralI6:30pm
    Crawford (San Diego, CA)
    (Division: IV, Enrollment: 1414, Coach: Mike Ward, On Campus Stadium: no lights, Colors: Red/White/Blue, Nickname: Colts, Address: 4191 Colts Wy)
    DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2010 Record2010 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
    Fri 09/02JSerra (San Juan Capistrano, CA)Saddleback Valley Christian (San Juan Capistrano, CA)0-0-51.15-6-31.6San Joaquin (Southern)Northeast (XIII)7:00pm
    Sat 09/17El Cajon Valley (El Cajon, CA)Rock Academy (San Diego, CA)0-0-35.46-3-26.5PacificV6:30pm
    Fri 09/23RoadMontgomery (San Diego, CA)0-098-417.8Metro - PacificIII7:00pm
    Fri 09/30RoadCalipatria (CA)0-0-22.44-7-25.3ManzanitaV7:30pm
    Fri 10/07HomeCoronado (CA)*0-07.89-38.8CentralIV3:00pm
    Fri 10/14RoadMorse (San Diego, CA)*0-006-58.6CentralII6:30pm
    Fri 10/21HomeClairemont (San Diego, CA)*0-0-181-9-16.5CentralIV3:00pm
    Fri 10/28RoadKearny (San Diego, CA)*0-0-0.74-6-2.2CentralIII6:30pm
    Fri 11/04RoadSan Diego (CA)*0-04.86-4-15.7CentralI6:30pm
    Thu 11/10RoadUniversity City (San Diego, CA)*0-0-6.34-6-2.3CentralIII6:30pm
    Kearny (San Diego, CA)
    (Division: III, Enrollment: 1915, Coach: Kenny Nears, On Campus Stadium: no lights, Colors: Maroon/White, Nickname: Komets, Address: 7651 Wellington St)
    DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2010 Record2010 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
    Fri 09/02RoadCastle Park (Chula Vista, CA)0-03.16-54.4Metro - PacificIII7:00pm
    Fri 09/09RoadSantana (Santee, CA)0-06.26-4-15.5Grossmont - ValleyIV7:00pm
    Fri 09/16RoadMadison (San Diego, CA)0-032.112-238.8WesternIV6:30pm
    Fri 09/23RoadWest Hills (Santee, CA)0-01.23-74.6Grossmont - HillsIII7:00pm
    Fri 09/30RoadMorse (San Diego, CA)*0-006-58.6CentralII6:30pm
    Fri 10/07RoadClairemont (San Diego, CA)*0-0-181-9-16.5CentralIV6:30pm
    Fri 10/14RoadCoronado (CA)*0-07.89-38.8CentralIV6:30pm
    Fri 10/21HomeSan Diego (CA)*0-04.86-4-15.7CentralI6:30pm
    Fri 10/28HomeCrawford (San Diego, CA)*0-0-29.40-9-31CentralIV6:30pm
    Fri 11/04HomeUniversity City (San Diego, CA)*0-0-6.34-6-2.3CentralIII6:30pm
    Morse (San Diego, CA)
    (Division: II, Enrollment: 2370, Coach: Tracy McNair Sr, On Campus Stadium: no lights, Colors: Navy/Old Gold/White, Nickname: Tigers, Address: 6905 Skyline Dr)
    DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2010 Record2010 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
    Fri 09/02RoadSouthwest (El Centro, CA)0-06.48-413.2Imperial ValleyIII7:30pm
    Fri 09/09RoadRamona (CA)0-019.65-621.6PalomarIII7:30pm
    Fri 09/16RoadValhalla (El Cajon, CA)0-015.65-616.9Grossmont - HillsII7:00pm
    Fri 09/23RoadMira Mesa (San Diego, CA)0-037.97-638.2EasternI6:30pm
    Fri 09/30HomeKearny (San Diego, CA)*0-0-0.74-6-2.2CentralIII6:30pm
    Fri 10/07HomeSan Diego (CA)*0-04.86-4-15.7CentralI6:30pm
    Fri 10/14HomeCrawford (San Diego, CA)*0-0-29.40-9-31CentralIV6:30pm
    Fri 10/21HomeUniversity City (San Diego, CA)*0-0-6.34-6-2.3CentralIII6:30pm
    Fri 11/04HomeCoronado (CA)*0-07.89-38.8CentralIV6:30pm
    Fri 11/11HomeClairemont (San Diego, CA)*0-0-181-9-16.5CentralIV6:30pm
    San Diego (CA)
    (Division: I, Enrollment: 2971, Coach: Keir Kimbrough, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Royal Blue/White, Nickname: Cavers, Address: 1405 Park Blvd)
    DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2010 Record2010 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
    Fri 09/02RoadCalexico (CA)0-0-12.61-8-14.1Imperial ValleyI7:00pm
    Fri 09/09HomeCarlsbad (CA)0-022.16-631.5Avocado - WestI7:00pm
    Fri 09/16HomeCastle Park (Chula Vista, CA)0-03.16-54.4Metro - PacificIII6:30pm
    Fri 09/23HomeGranite Hills (El Cajon, CA)0-010.25-613Grossmont - HillsI6:30pm
    Fri 09/30RoadClairemont (San Diego, CA)*0-0-181-9-16.5CentralIV6:30pm
    Fri 10/07RoadMorse (San Diego, CA)*0-006-58.6CentralII6:30pm
    Fri 10/21RoadKearny (San Diego, CA)*0-0-0.74-6-2.2CentralIII6:30pm
    Fri 10/28HomeUniversity City (San Diego, CA)*0-0-6.34-6-2.3CentralIII7:00pm
    Fri 11/04HomeCrawford (San Diego, CA)*0-0-29.40-9-31CentralIV6:30pm
    Thu 11/10HomeCoronado (CA)*0-07.89-38.8CentralIV6:30pm
    University City (San Diego, CA)
    (Division: III, Enrollment: 1855, Coach: John Hutsel, On Campus Stadium: no lights, Colors: Navy/White/Columbia, Nickname: Centurions, Address: 6949 Genesee Ave)
    DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2010 Record2010 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
    Fri 09/02La Jolla (CA)Hilltop (Chula Vista, CA)0-04.75-65.8Metro - South BayII7:00pm
    Fri 09/09HomeGrossmont (El Cajon, CA)0-024.49-325.7Grossmont - HillsI7:00pm
    Fri 09/16RoadSouthwest (El Centro, CA)0-06.48-413.2Imperial ValleyIII7:00pm
    Fri 09/23RoadSerra (San Diego, CA)0-0-0.52-81.5WesternIII6:30pm
    Fri 09/30RoadCoronado (CA)*0-07.89-38.8CentralIV7:00pm
    Fri 10/14RoadClairemont (San Diego, CA)*0-0-181-9-16.5CentralIV6:30pm
    Fri 10/21RoadMorse (San Diego, CA)*0-006-58.6CentralII6:30pm
    Fri 10/28RoadSan Diego (CA)*0-04.86-4-15.7CentralI7:00pm
    Fri 11/04RoadKearny (San Diego, CA)*0-0-0.74-6-2.2CentralIII6:30pm
    Thu 11/10HomeCrawford (San Diego, CA)*0-0-29.40-9-31CentralIV6:30pm