Game of the Week: Crawford vs. Hoover

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    In this week’s High School Game of the Week, Crawford High School faces Hoover High School. Off the field, both schools are coming up with innovative new ways to challenge students.

    Don't be fooled when you enter the Crawford Educational Complex AP Calculus class. It’s not a college classroom --

    Crawford is prepping students for higher learning with a lecture-hall style format similar to what they'd experience at a university.

    "We're giving them an experience that they're taking a college class in high school and that's what it's all about," said Bill Laine, Crawford Principal of Chance at the Crawford Educational Complex.

    HS Game of the Week for 9/24: Crawford vs. Hoover

    [DGO] HS Game of the Week for 9/24: Crawford vs. Hoover
    This game of the week sees to big rivals going up against eachother. But what are these schools doing to help their students? Let's take a look at how each of these schools is working to improve their schools.

    Equipped with the latest "smart board" technology, the class includes as many as 80 students.

    "The kids seem to be really responsive to it. They seem to be enjoying it,” said Cindy Page, AP Psychology Teacher Crawford HS. “Psych is a really interesting subject so they really enjoy that too."

    Hoover High School is making strides challenging athletes to put some muscle behind their studies.

    "These are student athletes, not athlete students and I think that's gotta be stressed from the word go and that was the first thing I worked on when I got here," said Hoover Football Coach Cree Morris.

    Morris started a mandatory study hall for his players this year. It starts at 7 a.m. .

    Senior Byreese Taylor first thought the idea was crazy.

    "Seven o'clock in the morning that's like, that's like hell right there," said Taylor.

    But as the team started helping each other off the field, athletes like Taylor began to see the value.

    "When you start doing it you come together as a team, as a family and like you show that you want it more than anyone else," said Taylor.

    They're hopeful the hard work will pay off long after graduation.

    "And I think by the end of this season and by the end of this school year we're going to see GPA's much higher on the football team all the way across the board and we're going to see some kids have some opportunities to hopefully play in college," said Morris.

    The Crawford Colts are facing-off against the Hoover Cardinals at Hoover High School at 3 p.m. Friday. Catch highlights from the game on NBC 7/39 News at 11.