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Boltman Now on Sale for $75,000



    Boltman Now on Sale for $75,000
    The mascot struts his stuff

    If you are a Chargers fan, you've seen him in the stands, Boltman! The Chargers' unofficial mascot is now up for sale and the opening bid is $75,000.

    For the past 14 years, Dan Jauregui, has donned the costume pumping up fans in the stadium and making special appearances at events around the city.

    Now Jauregui says, it is time to move on. He has placed the costume on Ebay to try find the costume a loving home, hopefully with another die hard Chargers fan.

    "It is a great opportunity to allow someone to take over where I left off and continue the legacy of Boltman." Jauregui said. "Hopefully the person that takes over has a really good history behind them."

    Boltman is on the Auction Block

    [DGO] Boltman is on the Auction Block
    Local Dan Jauregui has put Boltman on the auction block. Jauregui is starting the bid at $75,000. He says anyone who buys Boltman should have energy like this.
    (Published Monday, Aug. 9, 2010)

    The winning bidder will receive two costumes, the original and the newest version of Bolt Man.

    "Not only are they buying the characters, the life-sized versions of them, but they are actually getting the intellectual property rights, Jauregui said.

    The first Boltman costume is now in the NFL Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio.

    Bolt Man Revealed

    [DGO] Bolt Man Revealed
    After 14 seasons, the man behind the mask decides to reveal his true identity.
    (Published Monday, Feb. 8, 2010)

    He says the new mascot will have a huge responsibility.  They have to love kids, love interacting with people and love to pump up the crowd.

    "[They] need an energetic personality to get people excited," Jauregui said.

    The costumes were professionally made by the same designers that made the original Predator, from the classic Arnold Schwarzenegger film from the 1980's.

    "Boltman has had a really good record, since this character has evoled he has gone to 5 playoffs, Jauregui said. "So he is good luck."

    The costume will remain on Ebay for 5 days.