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Al Davis: Just Hated, Baby



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    Al Davis

    He's number one in our hatin' hearts.

    Al Davis, associated with the Oakland/Los Angeles/Almost-Irwindale Raiders since 1962, has topped E-Poll Market Research's findings of the most-hated sports figures.

    Rounding out the list's top five: Philly QB Mike Vick, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, golfer Tiger Woods and one-time Red Sox and LA Dodger Manny Ramirez.

    Davis has recently overseen a rather disappointing on-field performance -- and has added to his legacy by firing coaches and then shooting holes in their character on their way out the Alameda door.

    Another factor may be the long memory Californian's have of his wandering-franchise ways, having sued Oakland, Los Angeles and poor Irwindale along the way.

    The adjective "creepy" was most associated with Davis. And in his most recent epic press conference, he did look a little rough, but, let's be fair -- we're all going to age.

    It's when you tell the press your former coach was a coach-beater and morally loose that stokes these hating fires without throwing in the much-needed qualifiers like "possibly" or "allegedly."

    But, hey, good on you, new coach Hue Jackson, for taking on the job, intangibles and all.