Feds to Be Defiant in Face of Prop 19 Victory


Even though it doesn't seem that way sometimes, California is still part of the United States.

Prop 19 would legalize possessing and cultivating small amounts of cannabis in California. But the federal government wants to keep prohibition alive, and is stepping up the rhetoric about actions they may take against Californians.

A senior drug control official told the media that they were "looking at all their options" for harassing individuals who feel that the it's nobody's business but their own what substances they put into their body. Pot, unlike many controlled substances, is virtually harmless and offers medical benefits.

Nearly all of the risks associated with marijuana stem from its prohibition. Other risks, such as diminished inhibition, are weaker than those of alcohol.

Nevertheless, the Drug Enforcement Administration plans to continue enforcing anti-pot laws, even if the people of California vote in favor of legalization. Over 61,000 people were arrested in the state for last year for having pot

Ultimately, the point may be moot. New polls show that the legalization measure is trailing slightly. So the DEA officers' jobs might be safe for a little while longer.

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