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Pot Legalization Sees Support Surge



    Pot Legalization Sees Support Surge
    Ellis County Sheriff's Dept.

    Pot's not the only thing sprouting up in California lately. Support for its legalization is growing as well.

    Earlier this summer, Prop 19 was trailing by just a few points, but now it's pulled ahead by a larger margin. Forty-nine percent of likely voters support the measure. It's a surprising turnaround, given that neither side has paid of any advertising yet.

    That's not to say it isn't without its critics. An organization calling itself "Vision to America" sent out a flier suggesting that Prop 19 would allow people to come to work stoned, and that kids would have easier access to pot. In reality, neither of those assertions is true. According to the East Bay Express, Vision to America has the backing of an alcohol lobbying group.

    Some pot advocates have opposed the measure as well, saying that it doesn't go far enough. If the law passes, gardeners could still be prosecuted for growing too much of the plant.

    Voters gradually seem to be coming around to legalization. Although initially skeptical, many have been won over by arguments that Prop 19 would break monopolies held by violent drug cartels.

    A difficult fight for undecided voters lies ahead. Only 9 percent of the electorate have yet to make up their minds.