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Jeb Bush Wins Endorsement of Lindsey Graham



    Jeb Bush Wins Endorsement of Lindsey Graham
    Lindsey Graham is set to endorse presidential candidate Jeb Bush.

    Republican president candidate Jeb Bush has scored the endorsement of South Carolina Sen. and onetime GOP presidential candidate Lindsey Graham, NBC News reported. 

    At a news conference in South Carolina Friday, Graham said he liked what he heard from Bush at the debate Thursday night.

    "Last night I heard from Jeb Bush the right answer," Graham said with Bush at his side. "He demonstrated somebody in my view who is ready on day one to be commander-in-chief."

    Graham said, at 44, Marco Rubio is not ready for president yet and also took a shot at frontrunning candidate Donald Trump who would ban all Muslims from entering the United States.

    "I can't think of a worse idea of how to fight and win this war," Graham said, adding that Bush has the right "temperament" to be president.