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City, County Employees' Salaries Revealed



    City, County Employees' Salaries Revealed
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    If you ever wondered how much a city or county employee makes, a new tool provides answers.

    A new website is giving the public a detailed look at salary, pension benefits and other compensation for more nearly 600,000 city and county employees throughout California.

    The list includes everyone from a library clerk to the San Diego City Attorney to the San Diego County Sheriff. It doesn't name names but it gives a salary range for thousands of positions.

    In August, the state controller announced new requirements for cities and counties to submit wage and compensation data to his office.

    Eighty-three percent of cities and counties complied with these new reporting requirements.

    The site, launched yesterday, offers information on 594,000 public employees and contract workers throughout California.

    Take a look at a few numbers from San Diego.

    The City Attorney's salary ranges from $73,000 to more than $291,000. The minimum and maximum listed for Fire and Police Chief ranges from $59,000 to more than $224,000.

    The city's Lifeguard Chief makes up to $172,000.

    In fact, most city deputy director positions had this range -- including deputy director for the city's golf courses, libraries and environmental services.

    Department Directors also had a similar range. For human resources, the maximum salary exceeds $224,000.

    A list of cities and counties that failed to submit information can also be found on the website. Those places could face a penalty fine of $5,000.

    The controller says they'll continue to update the website once a week, as more salary reports come in.

    If you'd like to see what positions are open, check here for county jobs and here for information on applications to work for the city of San Diego.

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